How Accountant Profiles Works
Accountant Profiles is an online service that can grow your firm by providing real-time client referrals. Accounting firms can be acquiring new clients within days. Here's how it works:
Sign up for a profile.
We attract prospects and match them to the closest two accountants meeting their criteria.
We instantly email you matching referral's contact information and details.
Referrals call you or you contact them via phone or email and get new clients.
We bill you for referrals sent through the system.
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Program Details
How many referrals do accounting firms receive?
Depending on your specialties, local competition and time of the year, you will receive between 2 to 20 referrals per month.
How much do referrals cost?
Individual Income Tax Referrals = $34.99
Business Accounting Referrals = $79.99
How many accountants receive each referral?
We limit the amount of accountants receiving a referral to a maximum of two.
What percentage of referrals become clients?
Depending on how effective your firm interacts with referrals, it can range from 30% up to 70%.
How do I cancel the service?
You may cancel your service at any time and for any reason. Simply call us to cancel and you will immediately stop receiving referrals. You will only be responsible to pay for referrals received prior to cancellation.
How do I get started?
To get started, fill out your profile information on the sign up page or continue to the get started page. We will verify your information by calling you and setting your profile to 'live' status.
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"I am just writing to thank you for your leads, they have helped me land two accounts within the month. Your service is very welcome and we are thankful and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."

Thomas Gillespie, Mt. Laurel, NJ


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all referrals you receive that they are accurate, timely and qualified business or individuals seeking an accountant in your area.

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